2019 EDIT Festival: Broad Squad, At The Barre, Ms. Andry, Holiday Road (Improv Comedy)

Event Details

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  • Venue: Voodoo Comedy

Broad Squad

Broad Squad is a group of ladies! These broads use a cootie catcher to collect the audience suggestions, then use those suggestions to unveil the mysteries of the woman. We enact these truths through the daring act of improvised comedy!

At The Barre

At the Barre is a powerhouse cast of female improvisers who perform a fun combination of
choreographed dances and long-form improv. Our all-female cast performs a fun combination of choreographed dances and long-form improv. Each show is inspired by audience experiences with dance: the good, the bad, and the funny. What we lack in technical dance experience, we make up for with heart, enthusiasm, and never-ending jazz hands.

Ms. Andry

Feminist Improv Jam hosted by Ms. Andry (Improv Comedy) Ms. Andry is a four-woman improv group in Denver, CO dedicated to letting female voices be heard, on-stage and off. We don’t really hate men—we just think it’s pretty funny that feminism STILL means man-hating to so many people.

Holiday Road

A group of friends from Denver, LA and Detroit on a road to wherever the audience chooses.