Denver Improv Comedy Classes At The Voodoo

Presenting the Voodoo's Denver longform improv comedy training program, the Voodoo School Of Improv! Our instructors have performed and taught all across the country and the world, with a combined performance experience of over 75 years, at world famous improv theaters like iO West, iO Chicago, Second City, Annoyance, UCB, and more. Our Denver improv comedy classes are perfect for all skill levels, whether you're just starting out or you've been performing for a while, and people from all walks of life are welcome (not just performers)!

Each Voodoo School of Improv class session runs for 8 weeks, and each class is 3 hours long. At the end of each session, all students perform in a Student Showcase for their friends and family! Check below for our current class roster and to sign up. New classes start every 8 weeks! Join us and discover the power of "Yes, And..."!

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Classes with the Voodoo School of Improv are geared toward adults.
No students under the age of 18 will be permitted!

Class tuition is non-refundable. You must attend 6 of 8 classes to take part in the showcase or pass through to the next level. If you don't meet that, we are happy to have you repeat the level for half price!


Level 1 - Intro To Improv (START HERE!)

Level 1 at the Voodoo School Of Improv is dedicated to FUN and finding yourself as an improviser. You'll learn not only HOW to begin improvising, but WHY to begin improvising. You'll explore the core concept of "Yes, And..." and how it relates to life both onstage and offstage. You'll discover ways to hear and enhance your inner voice. Most of all, you'll have a BLAST! Prerequisites: None! This class is open to all experience levels!

Level 2 - Intermediate Improv

In Level 2 at the Voodoo School Of Improv, you will begin to work with your fellow improvisers, and discover the joy of creating scenes together. You'll learn how to construct honest and believable characters, environments, and scene flows. You'll experiment with focus and listening. Most of all, you'll have FUN! Prerequisites: Voodoo Level 1 or instructor approval.

Level 3 - Advanced Improv

In Level 3 at the Voodoo School Of Improv, you will expand your knowledge of improvisation. You'll learn the importance of focus, specificity, and vulnerability, and experiment with new ways to present scenes. And you'll learn your first full longform format: the Armando. Prerequisites: Voodoo School of Improv Level 2.

Level 4 - The Harold

In level 4, you'll dig into the Harold, which is both the most widely played improv format in the US and the basis for many other forms. You'll learn openers, group games, and how to move from beat to beat through use of premise, game, theme, and character. Prerequisite: Voodoo Level 3.

Level 5 - Forms & Formats

In Level 5 at the Voodoo School Of Improv, you will reach the culmination of your improv journey at the Voodoo. You'll dig into a variety of forms from the Bat to WeirDass and explore what it truly means to work as an ensemble. And after class is done, you'll perform your own 4-week grad show run in the format of your choice! Prerequisites: Voodoo School of Improv Level 4.