More Vine Flavors

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May 232015

Random Vine day! Currently searching for random folks on Vine that make me laugh. If you’re ever bored as hell, not doin a damn thing ( well first you should listen to this song: Crudbump – “I Don’t Do Shit” ) then you can just search around on Vine for an hour or six. It’s what Crudbump would do. There’s so many Viners that are funny, I’ll just have to choose three and do some more vine flavors later on. This first one is a young fellow, which seems to be the majority of Viners, for obvious reasons.


Kitchen Fun

This is how you feel right now if you are at work.


Logan Paul. You quite possibly have already heard of Logan cause he’s been on a couple TV commercials. He spends his time doing what boys do, and vining it all.

Embarassing his brother.

Being wasteful.

Being absolutely Ridiculous.

There are some older fellows who participate on Vine as well I’ve found. This guy is a trucker.


Good Morning.

Trucker Testament.

No time for that.

We’ll check out some more viners another day, until then, keep on truckin!

-KJ Willy




May 142015

Howdy Folks the sole purpose of this post is to showcase a hilarious new song by some folks on Youtube called Songify This. We’ve all heard and are already bored of the Deflate Gate involving Tom Brady and the patriots. This video/song is the best thing that has came from this whole scandal (except for the fine and the suspension, ahem). I advise you to sit back and enjoy this wonderful tune, especially if you are a patriots fan. Or any other team of course, because you don’t like the patriots obviously.

Bahahaha. Man. Instant Classic. Well while we’re at it why not check out some of this guy’s previous work. They will get stuck in your head. Here’s a recent one featuring the president and others.

Haven’t been able to get that one out of my head for awhile now. Let’s dig further into this channel. Here’s something quite special. It’s the plot of Home Alone, made into a song. Quite amazing, one of my favorites.

I leave you to replay all three of these for ten days.

-KJ Willy

Jordan Schlansky

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May 112015
Jordan Schlansky

Jordan Schlansky is a curious character. That’s just the thing though, a character, maybe. Nobody is real sure if he is really being himself when he is on camera with Conan O’ Brien, or if he is simply playing a character. It is kind of hard to tell because there are people like him in … (read more)


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Apr 222015

Let’s check out some Funny Or Die stuff shall we? I’m pretty sure if you’re reading this you know what FOD is, if not then you will probably not stop visiting the site until your old, crinkly fingers can’t click-a-da mousey no mo. But by then we’ll have chips in our head so whatevs. SO, … (read more)


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Apr 202015

Neil deGrasse Tyson isn’t a comedian, but he does have a good funny bone as he proves to us on twitter time and time again: “According to the song, Rudolph’s nose is shiny, which means it reflects rather than emits light. Useless for navigating fog.” “Apollo in 1969. Shuttle in 1981. Nothing in 2011. Our … (read more)

Make Me Laugh

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Apr 022015
Make Me Laugh

There’s an old school show I stumbled upon while surfing the net when I was supposed to be doing something else. It was called “Make Me Laugh“. So I started sifting through the videos. The premise of the show is they bring someone up from the studio audience, and the comedians have to try to … (read more)

Joey Diaz – Real s***!

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Mar 302015
Joey Diaz - Real s***!

Joey Diaz is a Cuban American (born in Havana) who grew up in North Bergen, New Jersey. On his website BIO, it explains how when he was in a Denver, CO correctional facility in 1988, he would do standup between the movies they would watch. That’s when he realized he had what it takes. The … (read more)


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Mar 182015

Let’s do an update on Brian Regan! You know, so everyone is up to speed, and of course so the non-knowers start knowin’ ’bout Regan. Let us let the content speak for itself. In this long form interview with Joe Rogan on “The Joe Rogan Experience” Brian talks in a way I’ve never heard him talk, … (read more)

Bert Kreischer Conquers

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Mar 062015
Bert Kreischer Conquers

Bert. Some say insane? I don’t think so, just knows how to do it I’d say. Whatever it is. Standup, hardcore ziplining, or hosting. He’s quite busy. He currently is hosting a show on the Travel Channel entitled “Trip Flip” where he takes 2 strangers on the vacation of their lives with the Travel Channels … (read more)