Sweet Karmel

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Nov 252015

Once again I was browsin’ ’round the vicious candyland called the world wide web for a laugh because my co-workers just weren’t cutting it. I mean I made them laugh, why can’t I get something funny in return…? Not to worry though because I stumbled upon this some sweet Karmel. Ian that is. I found out about him from Conan of course. When a guy does great on a late night show spot it’s always good to see. Many comics have said it’s hard to get the crowd on your side in such a short period of time, but Ian didn’t seem to have a problem with it in these spots. Earlier this month Ian released his debut comedy album “9.2 on Pitchfork” which you can get on Amazon Mp3, or get in on cd or even Vinyl here! I love vinyl. Apparently he lived with the one and only Ron Funches who plays a role in this clip from Conan.There is a part 1 and 2.

Here is a hilarious bit from his new special:

I like this guy a lot. It looks like his only listed shows are in Portland. I do find it pretty awesome though that a music label is putting out comedian records: Kill Rock Stars!

Nov 192015

With all the terrible things happening in the world these past few weeks, you can’t surf the net without seeing that stuff everyday. While that stuff is important, it’s also important to take a step away from it and maybe just check out some positive things that are happening in the world at the same time. When I got to work this morning the first thing I did was Google “Good News”. I think maybe that should be a weekly exercise for people who use the internet all the time. Or even if you only use it once a week. Although this is a comedy blog, nothing here is really funny but I think you just need to feel good. Here are a few things that I found through my search that should help you through the day.

Dr-Ivankovich                                                 Surgeon Treats Thousands Unable To Pay


uLMER                                                Teacher Starts Everday With Compliments


bikes-Mitchell-Police-Department-FB                                               Bikes Restored by Inmates For Kids without Bikes

I hope these things make your day better and maybe even inspire you to do something kind even if it’s something very small.

-KJ Willy






It’s Wendi!

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Oct 302015
It's Wendi!

I recently watched a Fighter and the Kid Podcast with the guest Wendi McLendon-Covey and it was one of the best ones, had me laughing. Wendi has been in TV and film since 2001 and has killed it with her parts in things like “Reno 911”  (73 episodes!) and “Bridesmaids“, which won and was nominated … (read more)


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Oct 272015

91 episodes in, “The Fighter and The Kid” podcast, hosted by former UFC heavyweight contender Brendan Schaub and Comedian/Actor Bryan Callen, has become very popular. There are a lot of guests who are from the fight world given Schaub’s background, and Callen’s background brings in comedians. Something curious is although Bryan can’t beat Schaub in … (read more)

Madlib Madness!

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Oct 092015
Madlib Madness!

Yesterday while half awake and mindlessly scrolling through hordes of crap on the internet I came upon these 2 videos and they made me laugh! Could be the start of something great haha. WARNING: dumb humor and explicit language! This shit made me laugh my ass off, which probably means I’m an immature moron. Alright … (read more)

Ralplhie Raw

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Oct 012015
Ralplhie Raw

I stumbled upon this great interview with Ralphie May on the LaughSpin Podcast which for some reason doesn’t seem to active anymore. This interview is from 6 months ago and I am really surprised that when the interview was posted on the LaughSpin soundcloud page, all kinds of reporters didn’t churn out a ton of stories … (read more)

What’s Craig Up To?

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Sep 242015
What's Craig Up To?

Craig Ferguson! What’s the old Scotsmans been up to? Well he’s been hosting a game show entitled “Celebrity Name Game” in which celebrities try to get people to say words. Here’s a clip: Lucky for us all Craig has never stopped doing standup, which he explains in this interview from earlier this month: Craig has announced … (read more)


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Sep 172015

Dave Attell’s newest special has been available on Netflix for over two months! Check that S*** out! You can go to his website www.daveattell.com to check out some clips. Also if you are in or near one of these places, go see him! Dave is now 50, and has been an active comic since 1988! … (read more)

Recent Conan Spots

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Sep 102015
Recent Conan Spots

The Conan O Brien show is a classic spot to be introduced to some new stand up comedy. It seems like he has way more comics than any other Late Night guys, I could be wrong but, whatever, Conan’s the best anyway. Marina talks about relationships: Sam talks about what we should be teaching kids … (read more)

Jeff Ross Went to Jail!

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Sep 032015
Jeff Ross Went to Jail!

I recently saw  a 2 hour and 20 minute Joe Rogan Experiment Podcast featuring none other than the Roastmaster himself. He’s known as the Roastmaster of course because he’s been on so many of the “Comedy Central’s Roast of” shows and usually delivers the goods. Jeff has got some new things happenin’ and I think … (read more)