Jul 242014

Date Night - Denver Standup ComedySome of us are rather gifted in the art of love. Some of us, however, are rather awkward at even the thought of hugging someone other than our parents. Its a curse, but all curses can be broken! Often, its the fear that we’ll embarrass ourselves in front of our date that causes us to avoid first dates altogether. The remedy? Take your date to a comedy club so you can laugh at other people together! 

Voodoo Comedy Playhouse is the finest in Denver standup comedy, and it can be your first date savior. Here are a few reasons why a rendezvous at the comedy club is a great first date;

Laughter - The most obvious benefit would be the gift of laughter. I think its safe to say that women and men alike love to be with someone who can make them laugh. Its almost always on their list of traits they’d like to their partner to have. Even if you feel like you’re not that funny of a person, you can at least take them somewhere to be entertained where you can both loosen up and laugh.

Atmosphere - Unlike a fancy restaurant or cold, quiet movie theatre, a comedy club has a relaxed, warm vibe. You’re surrounded by comedians and people who like to laugh! This can really help bring a relaxing vibe to the date.

Originality - A comedy club is probably an unexpected first date. This is a very, very good thing! Some people are bored with the same ol’ dinner and  a movie date. While dinner and a movie is a great date, save that for another time and keep them surprised in the beginning. Show them that you put effort into the date idea and make them feel special!

SO, your first date doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. Contact us at Voodoo Comedy Playhouse and begin planning your first date experience. There’s always a different kind of show and there is always a good time waiting for you and your date!

    Jul 172014

    Hit And Run: Musical Improv - Improv ComedyIf you’ve been looking for a comedy improvisation fix in Denver, Colorado, you might want to try something a little different here at Voodoo Comedy Playhouse. Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if it was set as the plot of a musical? What about your entire corporate staff and all of their unique characteristics lampooned in a musical comedy? It’s an idea that might sound impossible to create on the spot, but it’s becoming a new form of comedy improv show we’ve utilized here called “Hit and Run: Musical Improv.”

    The above is a Denver group who performs regularly for private functions in our facilities. And if you’ve been curious what that new “Rob Ford: The Musical” is all about, you might get a general idea of how the cheesy musical genre can basically be made up instantaneously by a skilled set of comedy improvisers. Then again, we don’t like using the word “cheesy” around here, because we think our improvisers create much better musicals than ones that take a year to write.

    How is that possible? The first step is to bring your corporate staff here for a private party. We have the perfect Denver location for any private corporate function, and it won’t matter if you’re a startup or a major conglomerate. There also isn’t any person alive who can’t be parodied through a musical comedy. Once you attend our show, our skilled set of comedy improvisers will take as much interesting information about your employees as possible and turn it all into a professional Broadway musical within minutes.

    Yes, “Hit and Run” basically turns the Broadway show on its ear to prove that creativity doesn’t have to be a long-term process. You’ll be astounded at how skilled our comedians are at creating Broadway-like songs on the spot and professional dance routines. Of course, don’t expect anything serious, even if their dance choreography is better than you think.

    When it comes to comedy improvisation, the art of bodily movement plays a big part in how the comedy works. This doesn’t mean to expect ballet level dancing, but still plenty of skilled dance moves and overwhelming creative invention you won’t find anywhere else in the Denver area.

    We guarantee you’ll laugh yourself silly at the improvised songs. We only warn those who’ve perhaps labored for years writing a stage musical not to be envious of our performers. In fact, many of them can teach you the ropes of improvisation through our classes here at Voodoo Comedy Playhouse. Perhaps you’ll be the first person to create a successful Broadway musical within a shorter time frame based on the skills of instant invention.

    Contact us to find out when the next showing of “Hit and Run” will take place and to book your private event. Also, check out our regular slate of comedians and improvisers here every week. We’re located in the famous LoDo district, otherwise known as Lower Downtown Denver.

      Jul 102014
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      Jul 032014
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      Jun 172014
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      Jun 122014
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