Jeff Ross Went to Jail!

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Sep 032015

I recently saw  a 2 hour and 20 minute Joe Rogan Experiment Podcast featuring none other than the Roastmaster himself. He’s known as the Roastmaster of course because he’s been on so many of the “Comedy Central’s Roast of” shows and usually delivers the goods. Jeff has got some new things happenin’ and I think he deserves the attention so let’s check it out.

He just had a comedy special air on Comedy Central entitled “Jeff Ross Roasts Criminals: Live from Brazos County Jail”. which I HAVE NOT SEEN!!! Wtf. I will see it soon though. Here’s the trailer:

Man I can’t wait to see that special. He also announced on the JRE podcast that he will be playing a part in this years season of “Kingdom”On the Audience network you can watch the trailer here.

Don’t forget to watch the JRE podcast, they are always good. He tells an awesome story about getting Mel Brooks to meet his uncle.

-KJ Willy


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Aug 092015

There are many many hilarious Italian folks in comedy, and a very funny one I just discovered is a guy named Sebastian Maniscalco. He says he’s half Italian half Sicilian. I watched his whole special the other day when I should have been doing something else simply because I could not stop watching. He doesn’t really talk that much about being Italian, but everything he talks about is absolutely hilarious, got great stage presence. Here’s the special I watched:

Anytime anyone sits down with the great Joey Diaz it’s always a great listen. Here’s Sebastian on an episode of “The Church of What’s Happening Now”.

Sebastian’s latest special was only released a few month’s ago in November 2014. It’s called “Aren’t You Embarassed” and was filmed in Chicago, his hometown. Here’s a snippet of it, I haven’t seen this one but I plan on buying it.

Check out his tour page and see if he’s coming to your town!

-KJ Willy

Laugh Factory Snippets

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Aug 072015
Laugh Factory Snippets

Every once in awhile I go through the absolutely massive database of laugh factory clips of all the different comedians who perform there. You could watch their channel for hours and hours. Today I decided to pick a few for this post that I found enjoyable, so, enjoy! Dan talks about his past experience as … (read more)

Judy Gold(en)!

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Jul 212015
Judy Gold(en)!

It amazes me that after seeing hundreds and hundreds of videos of different comedians I’ve never heard of I can still come across someone who has been doing it for a long time and I’ve never heard of them. That’s what happened today. I clicked on a Youtube clip of a comic that I’ve heard … (read more)

Our Virtual Tour Is Now Live!

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Jul 142015
Our Virtual Tour Is Now Live!

Check it out, our Google Street View tour is now live! Now you can see how the theater and bar look without even being in Denver (without the crowds, of course!). We hope to see you soon for a drink and a show!

New Chris Farley Documentary!

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Jun 302015
New Chris Farley Documentary!

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Jun 182015
Chris Rock. Please Come on Stage.

Chris Rock, one of the greatest stand up acts of all time, reportedly worth around $70 million because of the genius comedic adventures over time, is fifty years old. Wtf. What happened to the years?? Should we be worried about Chris? His 50th year on this planet is kind of mysterious. He does still regularly … (read more)


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Jun 112015

Last night my wife and I got the chance to watch “Hot Tub Time Machine 2” and I am happy to say it was hilarious. A little late but I guess this is for the skeptics? There was only one small problem, I could not even remember anything about the first one. Not because it … (read more)

Video Game Fun

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Jun 082015
Video Game Fun

I was walking around the backyard yesterday with my son, he was sucking up bugs with his little bug vacuum. I was looking up something about a cricket bug we caught and some video game glitches popped up in the search results. I looked at some images and they made me laugh out loud, so … (read more)

More Vine Flavors

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May 232015
More Vine Flavors

Random Vine day! Currently searching for random folks on Vine that make me laugh. If you’re ever bored as hell, not doin a damn thing ( well first you should listen to this song: Crudbump – “I Don’t Do Shit” ) then you can just search around on Vine for an hour or six. It’s … (read more)